Fetching an SSL page

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Fetching an SSL page

Post by ZZBeard » Sat 14 Apr 2018, 22:40

I have been successfully using Richard's example code that can be found on the Wiki to fetch an SSL page from a server every 10 seconds to read data from the page, for over a year almost faultlessly. This code requires two library DLLs from an OpenSSL build for Windows.

Recently, SSL fetches using this code have been failing intermittently, and enquiring about possible down-times from the target SSL server admin, I was recommended to check for updates to these OpenSSL library files. Although the original zip file containing the DLLs mentioned by Richard is still downloadable from the GnuWin32 SourceForge site, it is based on a quite old version 0.9.8h of OpenSSL.

There are later versions of OpenSSL mentioned on the SourceForge site, but I have not found a comparable "plug-in" pair of the same-named DLLs to download to try out. Could anyone point me to a possible download site, as I don't have the knowledge or expertise to compile them myself from the available source!

David Z

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Re: Fetching an SSL page

Post by guest » Sat 14 Apr 2018, 23:18

ZZBeard wrote:
Sat 14 Apr 2018, 22:40
Could anyone point me to a possible download site
I haven't checked it out myself, but this site appears to be the 'official' source of Win32 OpenSSL, so you may find that the DLLs you need are installed by one or more of their downloads (scroll down to see them), but then again you may not! If the DLLs have been renamed it could imply that the exported functions are not compatible with the earlier versions. Keep us informed.


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