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Request by Richard to return

Posted: Tue 02 Jul 2019, 08:57
Copied from the depths of another thread to give it more prominence, and perhaps provoke debate/comment:

[Richard] "I would request that " .... "I be allowed to return to being a member of this forum on my own behalf."

You would be very welcome to return.

[Richard] "I realise that the likelihood of the latter is very small."

Not at all. Based on the comments last time the question was asked, the vast majority of members would welcome your return (including me).

In my view, this is YOUR forum, set up be you, hosted by you, to support your products. Much as I value the input of other members of the forum, it seems unnecessary to give them priority over yourself, as you appear to do. I would hope that we could all work together to strengthen the forum.

In the happy event that Richard DID decide to return to the forum, I would ask all members to bear in mind that, even with emojis, written communication is more open to misinterpretation than face to face spoken words. Please can I encourage everyone (a) when posting, think carefully how your words COULD be taken, not just what YOU mean by them, and (b) when reading the posts of others, to try to see alternative interpretations before taking it as a personal criticism/insult.

Best wishes,


Re: Request by Richard to return

Posted: Wed 03 Jul 2019, 11:45
I wholeheartedly agree. This IS Richard's forum and he would be welcomed by all forum users. To encourage Richard to return, I suggest that all users respond to DDRM's post and request that Richard should return.

Re: Request by Richard to return

Posted: Wed 03 Jul 2019, 14:30
by p_m21987
I hope Richard will return to the forum. He's a great guy and his contribution to the bbc basic community is highly valuable. He's the reason we're all here after all, he's the inventor of BBC BASIC.

Re: Request by Richard to return

Posted: Wed 03 Jul 2019, 23:02
by hellomike
Richard returning would mean always very high quality explanations, valuable advise, more Wiki articles because of question users have and much more.
What's not to like?

Re: Request by Richard to return

Posted: Thu 04 Jul 2019, 05:06
by ivega718
I also hope that Richard returns. I admire him for everything he has done with this great product. His knowledge is invaluable and is an excellent support for all BBC BASIC users.

Re: Request by Richard to return

Posted: Sat 06 Jul 2019, 15:18
by p_m21987
The response is unanimous. Richard is welcome to return to the forum and may return whenever he chooses to.

Re: Request by Richard to return

Posted: Mon 15 Jul 2019, 14:11
by David Williams
I had considered myself a 'retired' member (concentrating almost solely on RISC OS-based projects), which is why I didn't respond to this thread, but then I went and posted that plasma demo. Of course, I fully support Richard's return (who the heck wouldn't?), and to be honest, I don't know why he left in the first place. My absence from this forum is no reflection on Richard or his software; my tinkering with RISC OS is down to me re-living my misspent youth, and nothing more.


Re: Request by Richard to return

Posted: Sun 28 Jul 2019, 17:27
by AllanL5
I hope it's not too late for my reply, frankly I just got here.
Still, I would hope that Richard would be welcomed back with open arms.
I would certainly support that.

Re: Request by Richard to return

Posted: Thu 01 Aug 2019, 15:36
by MattC

Just noticed this thread.

I am an occasional (intermittent) user of this forum (and previous ones) so I'm not sure how much weight my opinion holds. Like RNBW, I had always considered this to be Richard's forum, anyway, and found it strange that he should not be here. For the few times I have used it when Richard has responded to me, I have always found his comments to be incredibly valuable. From memory, I have only once been reproofed by him, and that, as far as I recall, was entirely justifiable; and as DDRM has indicated, I could have misinterpreted the tone of his comment. Most people who have responded to my queries seem to give valued responses - all of whom I genuinely thank! - but none more so than Richard.

My opinion: Come on home!


Re: Request by Richard to return

Posted: Mon 14 Oct 2019, 20:56
by KenDown
And I agree with all the rest. I believe that someone made critical comments once (or on a few occasions) which Richard took to heart. I hope that will not be repeated.