Structures are great

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Structures are great

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Hi to all,
I'm not sure where to post this ...
I just want to let people know that I finally did the effort to use structures in my programs and that this was a revelation. Big words but justified.
I know Richard has made the effort to implement structures already some years ago. And, at the time, I made a minor effort to work with them only to put them aside quite quickly. Not that they were not useful or to difficult to use. I simply looked for the old familiar ways to solve my programming issues. Lazy !

I couldn't have been more wrong. This week I did the effort to carefully read the manual and started to code a new program including several arrays of structures, mixing different data types within the structures. The code I've produced after some tinkering is now finalized.
It is compact, symmetric, much more readable,... and so much easier/faster to code .
For those who already use this I am of course stating the obvious.
For those who don't : read the manual , then give structures a try.
This language is so rich !

Edja (having fun)

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Re: Structures are great

Post by p_m21987 »

Yeah, structures are very useful. This is what BBC BASIC is all about. Big thanks to Richard for making all this possible for us.