Old BB4W forum now available for browsing

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Old BB4W forum now available for browsing

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Through the generosity of David Williams providing web space for it, the old (original) BB4W forum (which started way back in 2008) is now available for browsing as a read-only snapshot; it can be found in the ARCHIVE section of this forum's front page here. The search capability should start working as soon as Google has crawled it, which will probably take a couple of days (an indexing request has already been submitted).

So now both of the old BBC BASIC forums are preserved 'for posterity' and none of the valuable - and not so valuable - material posted should be lost when Conforums finally closes in a little over a week's time. It has been a bit of a rush to achieve this in the short time available. ;)

I should add that I am aware of the Copyright implications of making these snapshots available, but by presenting the information in exactly the same context as the original forums I am hopeful that nobody will have any objections. In the unlikely circumstance of anybody not wishing their post(s) to be archived in this way please contact me, with links to the offending material, and I will arrange for it to be deleted.