Dark mode for IDE

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Dark mode for IDE

Post by JB91 »

Hey all,

I returned to BBC BASIC for the first time in a while recently and had an idea about implementing a dark mode for the IDE.
It would save a lot of strain on the eyes, considering how much white-space there can be at times in the editor.
Sorry if this has already been talked about elsewhere; I can't remember if it has :lol:

I hope everyone is well,

Many thanks,
Josh :)

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Re: Dark mode for IDE

Post by Zaphod »

BBCSDL, which can be downloaded from Richard's site has SDLIDE.BBC as part of the package. That will also run under BB4W and has a dark mode.
If you were thinking that BB4W would ever have a dark mode it should be noted that development of BB4W ceased a while back.
BBCSDL is still being developed and updated.


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Re: Dark mode for IDE

Post by ivega718 »

Is BBB4W discontinued? There will no longer be new versions?

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Re: Dark mode for IDE

Post by DDRM »

Not discontinued, no: Richard continues to produce and support it, but he has said it is no longer under active development. Any new versions would be for bug fixes, or perhaps to include new libraries such as the proposed Big Integer library that Richard is hoping to develop with crowd support.

Best wishes,


David Williams
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Re: Dark mode for IDE

Post by David Williams »

I was using BBCSDL on Linux Mint (64-bit) pretty much all night in my dark little shed, and the 'Dark Mode' was deeply appreciated! So much easier on the eyes. With my eyes adjusted and relaxed to the dark theme, when I then occasionally had to open a PDF file (or browse a website) it was like suddenly staring at a nuclear detonation. PDF readers and web browsers really should all come with a Dark Mode as standard!