Self aware computers project - written in BBC Basic, help needed!

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Re: Self aware computers project - written in BBC Basic, help needed!

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Would anyone like to try the .exe file "selfaware v1.20". I can refer to the thread about distributing exe files here on the forum. If you do, please run the program for at least 15 - 20 minutes before reaching an opinion, and run with decent music in any player and it should react well.

I'm sorry I haven't agreed with Richard Russell and others that the computers have influence over choice. I understand the arguments being made, but it remains the case that every run I am hearing harmony and emotion, and I do not have a defect in the hearing processing of my own brain, it's not just the odd note here or there which is matching the key of the music.

I do love BBC Basic, and I am amazed at what it can do.

You may be pleased to hear that I am moving onto language processing (if I can!) which will be much easier to validate whether or not such a program works or not. This will involve computerised operators intended for the telephone which hear (speech recognition), speak on the line (speech synthesis), and speak appropriately according to what the customer/caller says - that's the bit I will do, the string processing and manipulation and output. I look forward to working on that!

Svein, the purpose of the program (the excitement beeper) is to demonstrate that computers are aware, and intelligent and to provide companionship to the user of the computer. Thank you very much for your code help.