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If you are looking for technical support, here are your main options:

Discussion Group

Founded in 2005, and with all the messages posted since then still available to read, the Discussion Group is the best place to receive technical support for BBC BASIC for Windows, BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 and the BBC BASIC Console Mode editions. It may be accessed either on the web or via email (there are various options for receiving notifications of posts and announcements). It currently has 881 members.

Now hosted by groups.io, "the most advanced email group service on the Internet", its future should (hopefully) be assured.


Forum / Message Board

Founded in 2018, and run by fans, the Forum is good for gossip but not recommended as a source of high-quality technical support. It can only be accessed at its web site, although it is possible to subscribe to email notifications of new posts. It currently has 323 members.

The future of the forum is in some doubt because it competes for bandwidth and storage with other parts of the bbcbasic.co.uk website, such as the Wiki and the in-browser (WebAssembly) edition of BBC BASIC.


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