Change to access: need to be logged in.

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Change to access: need to be logged in.

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Unfortunately, the monthly bandwidth limit on the site has been getting exceeded, thus making the in-browser edition of BBC BASIC unavailable, which Richard considers unacceptable, for obvious reasons. Richard believes that this is due to bots regularly harvesting the entire forum site. In an attempt to avoid this, I propose to make pages unavailable unless you are logged in.

While I regret this, it's better than closing down the forum altogether, which appears to be the alternative. We hope that it should not prove too onerous, since by default you will remain logged in (once you are!), unless you specifically choose to log out.

Assuming I can find the relevant settings page, this will probably happen towards the end of the week.

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Re: Change to access: need to be logged in.

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Fine by me.

I can't do without this site. It's much easier to find a specific subject.



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