Tyoob online! (BBC BASIC stress test)

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Tyoob online! (BBC BASIC stress test)

Post by RichardRussell »

As the 'ultimate' test of the in-browser edition of BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 I've ported David Williams's prizewinning Tyoob game to that platform. This is a fully-functional, no compromise, version to demonstrate just what can be achieved! It needs a fast PC and a reasonable internet connection to get the best results, but here it manages a fairly consistent 30 fps. This is pure BBC BASIC (no assembler) of course.

To try it you'll need an up-to-date (desktop) version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox (if you have a choice, it seems to run slightly more smoothly in Firefox than the other two, for whatever reason). If you have a suitable setup, click here and prepare to be amazed! :shock:
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Re: Tyoob online! (BBC BASIC stress test)

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thank you Richard, that is quite an accomplishment :o
btw, now it works with the FireFox browser :)

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Re: Tyoob online! (BBC BASIC stress test)

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Great !!