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Mar 31st, 2018, 10:38pm

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Richard Russell

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xx Revision to 'dlglib' library
« Thread started on: Mar 2nd, 2018, 9:56pm »

As I've mentioned, I'm slowly working through all the BBCSDL example programs and libraries to make them 64-bit compatible (to be more precise, I'm making the example programs compatible and creating a new set of 64-bit libraries).

It's indicative of the (in)compatibility of the '64-bit' (not really, but it's a convenient shorthand) BBC BASIC that perhaps 3/4 of the example programs and most of the libraries have needed modifications of some sort.

Whenever I possibly can I am trying to arrange that the new example programs still work with the old 32-bit libraries so that we don't need two sets of examples, and neither do I need to update the 32-bit libraries. However I've hit a case where I cannot practically achieve that: dlglib.

I made a poor design decision when developing dlglib which means that a 64-bit version cannot have a fully compatible interface with the calling program. To resolve this I will need to make an incompatible change to the 32-bit version as well.

If you are currently using BBCSDL's dlglib library in any of your own programs, please be aware that a small change to your code is likely to be necessary after the next release of BBCSDL (specifically, if you are using buttons or checkboxes that activate your own handlers).

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